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About Company

Jiangsu Jinming Industrial Robot Automation Co. Ltd is subsidiary of Huazhong Numerical Co (Stock code 300161), focusing on industrial robot R&D, system integration and manufacturing. It is a high and new technology enterprise. The company is capable of designing and supplying new energy automobile battery equipment, industry robot, all-automatic packing equipment , large logistics equipment, glass industry equipment, intelligent software, etc. Guiding by “Industry 4.0”, the company is devoting to providing intelligent solution for customs all over the world.

In 2001, Jinming was established in Jiangyin City Jiangsu Province. Glass business division was started then, and during the past years, the company has good reputation in that field and the glass equipment have been sold to many countries.

In 2008, Jinming Robot R&A Center was established focusing on research and development of robot and system integration. Three dedicated teams including Assembly Business Division, Logistics Business Division and Technology Support Division. Six-axis series joint robot, 3/4 axis parallel robot, visual system, sorting syste, warehouse WCS/WMS system, MES management system, etc have been developed since then. The company has 37 patents (7 inventions) and 6 software copyright.