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Spot Welding Workstation

  • Product Introduction

    It adopts imported welding technology which integrated welded connection into robots; it has the features of stable performance, high precision, safe and efficient. Welding robots are mainly divided into arc-welding robot and spot welding robots. It widely used in the industries of automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, electronic communication, household appliances, chemical engineering. Now the cases are intensively focus on automated production line of HUAWEI and ROBAM electric appliances.

    Technical Features

    1、Stable welding quality, high welding precision and adjustable parameters can ensure uniformity of welding joint and welding point.

    2、Reducing the operation technical requirements, improving labor productivity and 24 hours continuous working can realize the welding automation of bulk products, and reduce the costs.

    3、Improving the workers' working condition, they can work under toxic and harmful environment. The welding work that the workers can't or difficult to proceed can be finished under the limiting condition like welding.